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Search for Her Existence, LLC is a limited liability company that works only with the opportunistic , venturous, go-getter & enterprising woman businesswoman. We assist women build businesses on a proper foundation through : legal consultation, strategic planning, and global business development.

In 2013, I decided to do something crazy. I started a business that focused on  helping women. I recognized that there were many out there suffering in silence regarding their level of success, careers, and life choices in general. I wanted to end that suffering, so I created Search for Her Existence, LLC (S.H.E.).

I have suffered like many women in silence. I tried to be this “perfect” person and what I found is that my desire for perfection was hindering my growth personally and professionally. In 2014, I discovered that I had renal kidney failure. As a result, I have to attend regular dialysis treatments until I receive a kidney transplant. My illness has helped me realize that “life” is valuable. We only have one life. I chose to take it and build business that support a lifestyle that I once imagined as well as create a legacy for my family.

I want to help you DO the same exact thing. I want to help you build your dream business. Are you ready?

Learn more at:  http://searchforherexistence.com/ceo/

Location Houston, TX Hours Message us at m.me/HoustonAfricanAmericanBloggers
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